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A reader on twitter asked why my signature is different in my very early signed copies. 

 A few years into my career, I got sent to San Diego Comic-Con, and while there, I was asked to sign a t-shirt already covered with signatures. Cool, I thought, there are so many big names here. 

“Who’s this?” I asked her, pointing to an autograph. “I can’t tell,” she confessed. “How about this one?” She still couldn’t. Most of them were illegible. 

In the corner, however, were a whole bunch of cool, artistic autographs and shapes — artist signatures, designed to be cool and legible in their own. 

I thought: people stand for hours to get your autograph, Stiefvater. Step up your signature game. I designed a new signature and it’s been that way for most of my career now.


Guys, please don’t ask me stuff like this. I get a fair number of messages each week asking me that the Ronan books be smutty. I get it, y’all are excited, you come to the books for various reasons, and that’s fine, but please note:

1. I have not, to this point, written explicit books.

2. As a woman, I am not about to suddenly break that trend with a smutty m/m sex scene, particularly featuring young men half my age. I am not a gay or bi man. I don’t want to be anywhere close to exploitative. 

3. I hope y’all can respect my boundaries on this. 

4. thanks, dudes

What made you decide to make the wolves of mercy falls to take place in Minnesota?

Dear soulless-silver,

I wanted to set it a place that already had an actual wild gray wolf population —the rule with fiction is always to lie as little as possible in order to get away with more without breaking the suspension of disbelief, and so I figured I’d slip my shape shifters in among the real wolves of Minnesota. Also, Shiver’s shapeshifting is temperature-sensitive, and Minnesota provides a good, dramatic background for that, with proper snow and all that jazz. And finally, I have relatives in Minnesota and have spent a good chunk of time there, so I felt ok tackling it as a setting without a lot of research, unlike Idaho. What’s in Idaho? I don’t know. Well, I know I sold my sexy Nissan to a dude there. So that’s all I know. There’s a lowered 370Z and a bunch of wolves there. Idaho.






I arrived at my latest Airbnb to discover I had a box FROM Airbnb. It had this note in it. As I dug through the box, I thought, how is this going to help with spirits or demons or ethereal whatnot! This is soap and stuff! But then, at the bottom, unlabeled, I found something else. I don’t know what the hell it is but it looks insane and creepy so now I shall trust my life to it.

(the ghost story is here)

headcanon: airbnb has its own 9 to 5 shaman businessmen. They just sits there in the office all day, casually buying magic crystals and oils (and let’s be honest, probably half of the etsy) , writing it off as expenses later. Waiting for something spooky to happen in one of loc ations. Then it’s their time to shine! If they lucky, then there’s a work trip tothe  place of occurence, to make a good deal with a spirits (mild spooking of the quests in exchange of not getting exorcised etc.).  

hc accepted









hmm, did the polynesians ever set foot in what is now california? could have been night marchers. basically, its tribal spirit soldiers that go marching in the dark, off to war. traditionally, before electric lights were a thing, when you heard the night marchers coming, you stopped and hid. you did NOT want them to find you.

The owners seemed to think my experience was possibly associated with the Tongva — Topanga was theirs first, and maybe theirs still. They were very unsurprised with my story — they’d had many things happen before, they told me.

So Night Marchers? Who knows. REGARDLESS I DID NOT WANT TO BE FOUND 

This is maybe not quite wild enough to be The Wild Hunt but also maybe fairies were trying to abduct you :O

you misspelled “take you back”

this is a very cool story, but i do think it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that the Tongva people are not only a fascinating part of california history, but also a living, breathing people who are still located in los angeles! despite white people’s best efforts, and a narrative that they were wiped out completely by the california mission system, they are here and they are struggling to this day to be recognized as a tribe by the federal government.

if you enjoyed reading about maggie’s experience, consider getting involved with the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center, or maybe making a donation! they do a lot of good work!